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Running to serve as your State Representative in the NEW 14th Essex​ District

(info below for how to find out your district)

Adrianne’s Priorities Will Benefit Working Families:

  • Protect Reproductive Rights and access to contraceptives.

  • Foster a strong economy for working families and small businesses.

  • Ensure clean air and water for our children by investing in Renewables.

  • Ensure robust Public Safety Training equipment and resources.

  • Expand access to Mental Health Services.

  • Support public education and work to pass universal pre-school.

  • Invest in our infrastructure to fix potholes and secure bridges.

  • Protect the rights of our LGBTQ+ community members.

And of course, responsive Constituent Services


What Future Do You Want for YOUR Family?

The choice is clear.



Teachers, Nurses & Union Workers Support Adrianne Ramos for State Rep


What People of the 14th District Are Saying About Adrianne:

“As the father of three daughters, I am keeping a close eye on the race for 14th Essex District state representative, and am keenly aware of the simple fact that Adrianne Ramos must be our next state representative in the 14th District. I am a strong supporter of women’s rights and, sadly, the equality of women is once again back on the table for discussion.”

“As a Christian educated in local Catholic Schools from kindergarten through college, I truly believe and will fight for equal human rights for all individuals. This includes members of our LGBTQ and Black and Brown communities. I have been saddened and disheartened by the discord in our political world, not just globally, but right here.”

I’m voting for Adrianne Ramos. Maybe it’s because I want officials who respect the role of local police. Maybe it’s because I want my granddaughters to have every opportunity and protection possible (one of whom also carries a badge!). Maybe it’s that I’ve gotten used to having tough, tireless, and smart women speaking up.”

A Democrat Endorsed by Leaders You Trust:


Adrianne Ramos is also endorsed by:

  • State Senator Diana DiZoglio

  • State Senator Barry Finegold

  • State Representative Christina Minicucci

  • State Representative Tram Nguyen

  • State Representative Paul Tucker

We Need Volunteers to Bring it Home on November 8th


Sign Up HERE to:

hold a sign, make phone calls, knock on doors, deliver yard signs, host a meet & greet.

Do You Live in the NEW 14th Essex District?


Your district might have changed. After redistricting, the 14th Essex District includes: 

Amesbury: Precincts 1, 6
Boxford: Precincts 2, 3
Groveland (all of it)
North Andover: Precincts 1 - 6
West Newbury (all of it)

Confirm your precinct or find your voting location


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